About Us

What’s a Wandering?
Wandering is an actual play podcast about 5 wizard teens (a sweet sailor boy, a talented caster, a rune fanatic, an adventure enthusiast and a master diplomat) studying at Gousewyn, the most prestigious wizarding school of Europe and uncovering the mysteries of their magical world, which happens to be quite close to our very own world, in the 80’s. Their two DM’s will guide them through epic adventure, mysteries, puzzles, social turmoil and a whole lot of teen angst. Feel free to join us at our table as we have fun and try to make an awesome story.

Wanna learn more?
We have made an info episode for you (ya nerd): Episode 0 Or jump right in: S01 E01

S00E00: Introduction

Who are these people?
We’re Geeks, Dutch, 20 somethings, there is seven of us and we like DnD. Five of us like theatre and 5 of us like design, but the main reason we’re together is that we like those darn RPG’s. In a surge of ambition, passion and need for more of ‘that’ in our lives, we decided to write our own system and start a podcast. We don’t really have enough time to make it, we don’t really have enough money either, but so far, it’s been a fucking blast. No, but really… Peter… Loïs… Bart… Marijn… Rens… Sanne… Ruben…