• S01E19: Did you Guys want some coffee?

    The second part of the student's cultural education, muggle culture. Join the players as they experience the amazing computer and the magical water kettle. And who said anything about a clock? We don't even have a clock!

  • S01E18: The Order of Merlin

    Join the players as they embark on their epic journey to The Order of Merlin. The journey is rather short, but the visit is ........eventful. They get tested, try experimental potions, Loyd asks about runes...... again and they have a rather akward conversation with a creepy fellow.

  • S01E17: Dwarf Business

    Will the players tell Jördis they have spilt the beans? Join us while the party struggles to converse, talk to some dwarfs and fight about a pink teddy bear.

  • S01E16: Magic 101 Speedrun the Sequel

    Join the players as they finish all their magic 101 classes in one go! Will they get a fabulous or just an ordinary? Join us while they try to get better grades by spreading gossip and bribe teachers!

  • S01E15: Dungeon of Doom

    Will the students finally map the cave and make it out of there? What will they find at the bottom of the well? Join us to see Jörgen fall in love with some weird black blobs and the players slowly slide towards insanity!

  • S01E14: Crystal What-Nows?

    Our merry students continue along with their venture in this most garden variety cave system. They try to get some crystals, but fail. They find more crystals in the most unwelcome form possible. Long story short, Jorgen ends up needing a band-aid and Loyd potentially a cane for the rest of his life. Also they're no longer together, so fun times for all.

  • S01E13: Unlucky Rolls

    You like magic going wrong? Maybe weird caves with bones and water? Join us to find out how to the players waste time failing to get a useless shoe out of some water.

  • S01E12: A Normal Evening

    The players have a rather normal evening! Gaby and Nate finally get to see the Arthear common room, Jörgen tries to find the kitchen, Loyd finds another book and Avadus practices some spells outside. Join them and see how they can fuck up even a normal evening!

  • S01E11: Magic 101 Speedrun

    Are you ready for School? Because in this episode the players are taking classes. They will encounter a shady teacher, a slow teacher and a manic teacher. They will also learn plenty of lessons about impromptu treehouse building. Join them for supernatural success and critical failure in academic persuit.

  • S01E10: Common Room Galore

    Join the players as they explore their common rooms, try to sneak into rooms and meet the school's most handsome playboy. Will Gabriëlla sneak into the Naightale common room, join us to find out!