Season 2

  • S02E12: Magic or physics: quiz time!!!

    In this episode, our little wizards get a mysterious invitation, fairly quickly solve a riddle and participate in the great big magic or physics test. Gabi breaks something and Jörgen his wand is wireless.

  • S02E11: No regards for the Beauregards

    Nate and Avadus hatch a plan to harass the Beauregards and go to find the rest. Reunited as a group, they unsuccessfully try to coax Emma into letting them through the Skimmel door but successfully get the Beauregards drunk off their asses in the cave of wonders. Good times for all.

  • S02E09: Door Drama

    The party goes back to the cave of Aiden, to give his door an existential dilemma. What secrets will they unravel now they know the name the hidden will open for?

  • S02E08: Feces, Entrails and Poop

    Jörgen gets a suprise visit! The party meets his mom and the crewmates on his boat, including Gregory! He is doing a lot better now. They finally finish their magical creatures class and Soup may or may not have pooped on Loyds hands.

  • S02E07: In your head

    The players try to crack the mistery of this place, while Jorgens soul is replaced by the entity called Bart. Join us to see the players get frustrated by a dungeon. Again!

  • S02E06: Sibling Love

    In this episode the players switch careers to become interior designers, have their pictures taken, fuck with some magical circles, lock each other up and attempt to murder one another. Except for Loyd, he wisely stays out of harms way.

  • S02E05: Soup & Sticky

    The players embark on a small journey to pass a course. Join them as they make their way to a magic pond, while finding some mysterious creatures and a gun!

  • S02E04: When the stairs align

    This time Nate tries to find some gossip, Jorgen is sad and the rest of the parties investigates a weird door. Does Emma have the key to this door? A skimmel. Possible? Probably! Will Jorgen harass a teacher? Only when the stairs align.

  • S02E03: I think we need to break out

    The Order of Merlin has some serious questions for our little study group. How do the agents get their information? Can they be trusted? Can our young mages keep their secrets or will there be a rift between them. Also join us for the little after talk we had after this heated session.

  • S02E02: The Talk

    Their second trimester! Kicks off with speech of Valentijn Borvo regarding Devon the poor mermaid fucker. Join the players as they hear the gruesome faith of Devon as they start their new classes!