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  • S02E03: I think we need to break out

    The Order of Merlin has some serious questions for our little study group. How do the agents get their information? Can they be trusted? Can our young mages keep their secrets or will there be a rift between them. Also join us for the little after talk we had after this heated session.

  • S02E02: The Talk

    Their second trimester! Kicks off with speech of Valentijn Borvo regarding Devon the poor mermaid fucker. Join the players as they hear the gruesome faith of Devon as they start their new classes!

  • S02E01: Back to where it all went wrong

    Back to the beginning, back to the cave where it all started. The runes have been translated, but will it be enough to finally solve the mystery of the cave? Join us, to find out!

  • Special 5: Loyd – Curious case of Eggbert

    What's up with that weird kid that has an egg for a familiar? Join us, to see Loyd meet someone more awkward than him and finally get some answer about Eggbert!

  • Special 4: Avadus – A tiring day

    Ever wondered what the hell was wrong with the weird-looking Avadus? Join us, while Beth and George investigate our boy Avadus after which he ends up in places he didn't expect!

  • Special 3: Jörgen – Homesick

    Jörgen has been working at the docks with Balin and Jordis, the seafaring dwarves. Join us, when Jörgen takes a dive in the sea while getting down and personal!

  • Special 2: Nate – Easy Party Potion

    What?! Does Nate have friends outside of his study group? Who knew! Join us to see Nate get down and shady with some fellow Fenadorns.

  • Special 1: Gabi – This is shady you know

    As it turns out all this time Gabi had a life of her own apart from her study group. Join us as she does some shady business with a rebellious vampire.

  • Recap – Season 1

    The first season of wandering has come to an end, but don't worry we got plenty more in store for you. Let's look back at season 1, what happened to our wonderous study group, join us, to be fully prepared for season 2!

  • S01E20: I don’t have a dad!

    The final episode of the first season of Wandering! Clocks will be destroyed and father-son bonds explored. The young wizards will finally learn what they did during the mermaid party and officially meet its weird guests.