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  • S01E09: Pixie Popsicles

    Want to see a bunch of students turn into pixie murdering monsters? Or see them fight with a gigantic sloth creature while being screamed at by their potions teacher? Join us on their weird adventures!

  • S01E08: Fishy Hangover

    What is behind the waterfall? Who is behind the waterfall? Will the players find out? Join them in their epic quest to finish the class on makes sieves, and more sieves and even more sieves.

  • S01E07: Dungeon Fish!!!!

    The teens go out to the dungeon for some extreme cauldron fishing. Join them while then encounter giant fish, people fish, cucumber smelling fish, a weird rock and get excited about a suspicious party.

  • S01E06: Orange is a bitch!

    The teens finally get some well-needed sleep! Join them while they mix some Arenberg coffee into a literal poison, take their first classes and prepare themselves for some fishing in the dungeon.

  • S01E05: Don’t do drugs, kids

    Will the players finally solve all the puzzles and reach school with a good story? Join us for some wall-shaking name screaming, ghostly real estate, panda naps and to see Jörgen have a very bad, no good, terrible day.

  • S01E04: Mover of wall

    The players are still stuck in a room with an ominous countdown. Will they manage to get out and more importantly will it make for a good story? Join us to find out, at the very least you can expect our teens to light fires, break walls and blow in bowls.

  • S01E03: 6 minutes 8 seconds

    They fight about sleeping quarters, they search for dragons, Nate's complaining about not having his fireplace and they finally got a good night rest. Or at least they tried, join us in their nighttime adventures!

  • S01E02: Master Diplomat

    Will our players escape the cave and finally make their way to Gousewyn, to get the magical education they long for so badly? Join us to see Jörgen toss around some boulders, Nate become a master diplomat and Loyd trying to find his place.

  • S01E01: Cats for size

    The adventure begins. The players embark on their journey to Gousewyn, where they will be taught the noble art of magic. Follow these angsty teens along as they use cats for size, travel through mirrors and end up with status: SHABBY!!

  • S00E00: Introduction

    It's the introduction, the prologue, the information that you don't really need, but then again, maybe you do. The dm's (yes, both of them) of this tale will tell you a little bit about the podcast, the world, and the system.